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About Our Hunts
Gobble-n-Grunt Outfitters, LLC and Prairie King Wingshooting are located where the sandhills and the farm country meet in northern Nebraska. What this means to the sportsman is a variety of high quality habitats supporting an abundant variety of game. So whether you are looking for fertile farmlands growing soybeans, alfalfa and corn to produce trophy Nebraska whitetails, or the rolling combination farm/ranch country and oak filled sandhills creeks that support unmatched densities of merriams turkey, or the open grasslands of the sandhills which support the best populations of prairie chickens you'll find today, as well as buffalo and predator hunting you'll find it here at Gobble n Grunt Outfitters and Prairie King Wingshooting--a true sportsman's paradise.

When you hunt with Gobble n Grunt Outfitters, you can expect a family friendly, down home, country atmosphere. You will stay in one of three farmhouses in northern Nebraska. The farmhouses are modern and kept clean and comfortable. Washer and dryer are available so that you dont have to pack too many clothes. Unless otherwise specified, home cooked meals are included in all hunts. We can guarantee you wont loose any weight when you hunt with us. Deer and turkey hunts are guided on a 2 to 1 guide ratio.

When you wake up in the morning, you and your guide will literally decide where to hunt on a total of 70,000 private land acres on three rivers and several creeks. A ten minute drive with your guide in one of our 4x4s north and you are hunting the Missouri River, a ten minute drive south and you are at the Niobrara river. All of the properties are very scenic and are either owned by us, or exclusively leased by us and managed under quality deer management practices. The quality of our hunting properties ensures a high game density situation and high quality trophy animals. Except for our bison recreation hunts, all of our other hunts are fair chase hunts for wild game in wild and scenic farm and ranch country. There are no high fences. We are not a game farm. This is hunting as it was meant to be!

We expect you will either drive to camp (driving directions are provided at time of booking), or else you will fly to Sioux City, Iowa (recommended airport) where you will rent a car and drive 2 hours west to our camps.

So please continue on through the Gobble-n-Grunt and Prairie King site to discover one of the most undiscovered hunting mecca's left in the states. Then call us to arrange your hunt on the prairie.

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Nebraska is one of the sleeper states for big whitetails and we are in the best area for big bucks. Extremely good nutrition, low pressure on well managed private land and large ranches make the perfect combination for exceptional whitetail hunting. Combine this with reasonably priced tags which you are guaranteed to get and there just isn't a more economical way to enjoy a trophy whitetail hunt.

All deer hunts include:
* 2 to 1 guide situation
* Farmhouse lodging
* Breakfast, lunch, dinner
* Transportation during hunt

Not included:
* Taxidermy, trophy prep, meat processing
* 5.5% Nebraska sales tax
* Permits and stamps
* Transportation to camp (airport pickup can be arranged for an additional charge)
* Shipping of bags, gear, trophies, etc. back to your home. Cost to ship personal items and trophies to you is $50 per package plus shipping charges

Our hunts are very high success 80-100% from year to year. That's not opportunity, but dead on the ground, tag filled on a good buck success. Bucks will average between 130 and 150 depending on the year and our top end is 190. That's what makes this such a great hunt. Good numbers of mature deer and yet the sky is the limit on size for the hunter willing to pass up smaller bucks!

Whether you are looking for a Nebraska archery whitetail hunt, a Nebraska Muzzleloader whitetail hunt or a Nebraska rifle whitetail hunt, you've come to the right place for Nebraska deer hunting at its finest.

The sky is the limit.
While many areas, due to nutritional factors, poor age structure or too high of deer density, have limited upside potential for big bucks, it's nice to hunt in areas known for producing world class whitetails. Here, the outfitter's daughter shows off a skull from a buck we caught on trail cam in 2005 on one of our leases. While the average buck we harvest will be in the 130-150 class, every year we will harvest some truly jaw-dropping gagger bucks.

Pricing, Deposit Policy and Travel Insurance


Archery: 5 day-$3950.
2nd buck $1000 tagged or wounded.

Rifle: 4 day-1 deer $3950

Rifle: 9 day-2 deer $6900

M-loader: 5 day-1 deer $3950

Rifle: 9 day-2 deer $6900


Two bird Hunts: $1895

Three bird hunts: $2495


One day bull: $4450

3 day Bison/wingshoot: $4950

Wingshooting/Small Game

3 days: $2450

2 days: $1850

Add days: $650/day

Includes Airport Pickup

Archery: 5 day-$3950. 2nd buck $1000 tagged or wounded. Two bird Hunts: $1895 One day bull: $4450
3 days: $2450
2 days: $1850
Rifle: 4 day-1 deer $3950 Three bird hunts: $2495 3 day Bison/wingshoot: $4950 Add days: $650/day Rifle: 9 day-2 deer $6900      Includes Airport Pickup M-loader: 5 day-1 deer $3950

ll hunts include meals, lodging, guiding, transportation during the hunt, use of equipment, field preparation of game. Hunt prices do not include transportation to the camp, nebraska sales tax (5.5%), licenses, taxidermy, tips or meat processing unless otherwise noted above.
Deposit Policy: 1/2 of hunt required to hold hunt date. Balances on all fall hunts (sept - nov ) are due by Sept 1. Balances on winter hunts (dec-feb) are due by Oct 15. Hunt deposits and final balances are non refundable. We highly recommend purchasing Sportsman's Travel Insurance.

Accepted forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Check


Gobble n Grunt and Prairie King have two comfortable locations for their all private land hunts. At each location you are assured of having not only great hunting, but also excellent food, accomodations and staff. As you can see, all of our camps are meant to cater to small groups.

Redbird Lodge
Gobble n Grunt's Redbird camp sits on 1000 acres of outfitter owned farm and ranchland between  O'Neill and Spencer Nebraska.  Its central location means virtually all of Gobble n Grunt's 70,000 acres of private land hunting can be hunted out of this camp.  The original  farmhouse has been remodeled inside with local mounts of deer, bison, turkey, prairie chicken, pheasant, and others.   There is  high speed wireless internet access for those that just can't  totally get away.   So if you need to stay plugged in, bring your laptop and you can stay connected even from this very rural location.  The property is nicely situated on a paved road, so only a 2 wheel drive car is needed to get there.  The camp holds a maximum of 8  guests at a time.  A group of 8 can have the place to themselves.  You will notice that all of Gobble n Grunt's camps cater to small groups. 

From this camp you will drive from zero to 45 minutes to your hunting area.  Many private ranches are hunted out of this location.  One morning you could be hunting the Missouri River, the next the Niobrara and the next, one of the many oak filled creekbottoms that meander through this "edge of the sandhills" location.  Once your hunt is booked, you will be emailed or mailed you contract packet which gives you detailed driving directions on how to get to the "Redbird Camp"

Ponca Lodge is NOW the Big Sandy Lodge

Gobble n Grunt's "Big Sandy" camp is near Naper, Nebraska. The Newest Lodge at Gobble-N-Grunt, it can hold up to 10 Hunters!  More information on the Big Sandy Lodge will be available soon! NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BOOKED A HUNT AT THE PONCA LODGE, YOU WILL NOW BE STAYING AT THE BIG SANDY LODGE. DIRECTIONS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL US AT 406-363-0801. NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED ON YOUR HUNT.



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World famous turkey hunts

Since 1991 Gobble-n-Grunt has been providing ridiculously high success rate merriam's turkey hunts to our guests. With so many hunters traveling to complete Grand, Royal and World slams, our camps have become the most popular and successful camps for hunters in search of a merriams turkey

More hunters have harvested their merriam turkey at Gobble n Grunt Outfitter's camps than any other turkey camp in the U.S.

Our success rate has been so good that we started guaranteeing our spring shotgun turkey hunts. We want you to know that this is no ordinary turkey hunt. Not only are you going to experience exceptional hospitality, plenty of elbow room on 70,000 acres, scenic properties, and excellent meals and accomodations, but you are also going to have plenty of opportunity to harvest your gobbler!

This guaranteed turkey hunt has caused quite a fuss. We've had hunters and outfitters call us to ask us why or how we can make such a guarantee. The fact is, we can make that guarantee because of our tremendous bird numbers. Time and time again our guests comment that they've never seen or heard so many turkeys and didn't know that such a turkey hunting mecca existed.

When Choosing a date to hunt keep a couple of things in mind. In April the birds have not completely split up so you will be hunting near large numbers of birds. Therefore the use of a blind, which we provide, will be necessary in many cases. The reason for this is that in April you have a lot of birds around you most of the time, which makes it nearly impossible to sit perfectly still long enough to let the birds that you don't want to shoot, pass by and your gobbler come into range. Remember, when you start calling during this time of year it is not uncommon to have groups of jakes of up to 20 or more come in on you while the gobbler struts and displays for just out of range. You need the flock to pass by without putting, in order to get your gobbler. Not all setups in April are this way, but a lot of them are. Additionally, the calling in April is light flock type calling. You are mostly calling to the flock and not an individual gobbler. In May, however, the flocks have completely split up and the hunting changes dramatically. This is a good time for an active hunter to hunt with us. Traditional locate calling, walking, and cut and run techniques become more common. Quite simply, if you are a patient hunter, patient caller, you'll love April and the fantastic gobbling and bird densities you'll experience. If you are not so patient and like to stretch your legs more, May will suit you better. Many folks like to come hunting with us at the same time every year, while others like to come in April one year and May the next, to experience a different type of hunting technique. Additionally, some hunters fall in love with a certain camp and rebook that camp every year, while others like to change camps every year.

Spring turkey dates: Archery: late March to mid May. Shotgun: Mid April to Mid May.
Fall turkey: Mid October-Dec 31

Whatever your turkey hunting experience, or preferences, we can help you decide when to come and which camp you'd be most suited to, so give us a call and we'll get you in the right place at the right time!

Reserve your spot at the roost.
Don't let the sun go down on your turkey hunt. Call us today to reserve your spot for next spring. Incredible bird densities, unmatched success, hospitality and a our shot opportunity guarantee have made this America's hottest turkey hunt. You might find a cheaper turkey hunt, but you won't find one better!

The Prairie King Advantage

Named after America's greatest game bird, the Greater Prairie Chicken, Prairie King Wingshooting, a division of Gobble-n-Grunt Outfitters, LLC is proud to offer the finest in small game hunting that you will find anywhere. Nebraska is not only a fabulous destination for Whitetails and Merriams turkey, it is also known as the mixed bag capital of the world. At Prairie King, you can hunt any available species (in season) for the same price of $650 per day (3 day minimum) which includes lodging, meals, guiding and all the private land hunting you could hope for on our 70,000 acres of leased land. Long known for our fabulous turkey and deer hunts, our small game, wingshooting and bison hunting guests are calling their hunts the most fun and enjoyable hunts they've done. So if you are looking to completely escape the crowds and get a ton of shooting for an individual or small group, look no further than Prairie King.

Our camps are well appointed to handle small groups assuring you of having a wingshooting and small game adventure free of crowds. So if you are tired of hunting in camps where you are referred to as "hunter number 27", bring your small group to Prairie King.

Call us and we'll tailor a wingshooting and small game combo hunt to fit an individual or group of up to 8.