The Non-Typical Ranch


Contact: Mike DeRonde
Phone: 325.716.0703
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The Non-Typical Ranch has it all when it comes to hunting trophy whitetail in Texas. The terrain is rugged, the deer are large and the accommodations are second to none.

All  hunters are provided a professional guide who knows the ranch and is dedicated to putting their clients on the deer of their dreams as well as providing an overall hunting experience that will last a lifetime.

Hunts are conducted primarily from large tower blinds with visibility across the expansive Texas mesquite and cedar cover. Wildlife food plots are plentiful and provide a great way for hunters to see great numbers of deer and other native and exotic game.

Hunters will average seeing well over 20 bucks a day and every year the deer taken off the ranch are getting bigger and bigger - a strong testament to our management program! Axis deer, blackbuck antelope, javelina, rio-grande turkey and bobcats are also prevalent on the ranch.

The Non-Typical Ranch is rugged, tough terrain that will challenge the most seasoned hunter.  The ranch offers dramatic elevation changes like that of the hill country, mesquite brush country like that of south Texas, and the vast open country that West Texas is so famous for.

The 2200 acres of the ranch have been under high fence and strict game management practices for well over a decade. A paved road leads you from the front gate to the main lodge on top of the mountain offering simply breathtaking views.

With hunting locations across all of the properties, hunters will get to experience all that Texas is famous for in one single visit. Deep in history, the ranch was once home to Indian tribes and other historical Texas monuments. With miles and miles of country to explore, hunters will have to make several trips before ever approaching seeing all of the ranch. This same abundance of cover and land give the whitetail an advantage and make the ranch home to the most fair chase hunt one could imagine.


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The Lodge

Prepare to be spoiled! Our main lodge is over 5000 square feet with a double deck back patio that overlooks the ranch. With all of the amenities of home including personal bedrooms and bath, satellite television and fine cuisine, you will always want to extend your stay - even if you're done hunting!

The lodge is setup to allow for personal privacy as well as open gathering places for story-telling after the hunt. After a dinner as big as Texas, there is nothing better than retiring to the back patio to reminisce about the events of the day and plan your strategy for the next days hunt. If a big game is on, you can bet we'll have it playing and everyone will enjoy the festivities in the open living room area.

Hunting Rates

Whitetail Hunts
140"-149" - $3500.00
150"-159" - $5000.00
160"-169" - $6500.00
170"-179" - $8500.00
180"-189" - $11,000.00
190"-199" - $15,000.00
200"-209" - $20,000.00
210"+ price will be negotiated
Scoring is based on gross Boone & Crockett Scoring System
Non-hunters = $100/day